"Supporting Your Wellness Life Style"


Classes, Wellness Coaching and Gift Certificates



At Mountain Life Health Food Store we encourage our customers to take personal responsibility for knowing as much as they can about their own diet, supplements, health status, and wellness options.

One of the key components of living out a wellness lifestyle is continually learning. It is our belief that exposing oneself to both new and old ideas, learning from the experience of others, and working with your healthcare provider are vitally important.

We are continually developing and offering new seminars and classes. Some of our classes you may wish to attend include:

*  Introduction to Wellness: How to Live a Wellness Lifestyle

*  Exploring the Benefits of Vegetarianism

*  How to Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins

*  Stress: How it Affects Us, and What You Can Do About It


Wellness Coaching is also available!

Have you ever sat down with a wellness coach to help clarify your own priorities and desires for living a wellness lifestyle?

An introductory session and/or follow-up wellness coaching session may be just the ticket for you!

If you are looking for motivation, clarity, and suggestions for ways to implement a wellness lifestyle that fits with your personal schedule, commitments, goals, and past and present experiences, wellness coaching can pay dividends that last a lifetime.

Wellness coaching sessions are available for a fee. See your friendly store staff to learn more.

Gift Certificates: The Perfect Gift to Show You Care on Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or Simply as a Thank-You Gift!

Looking for a useful, practical, and fun gift to give to a loved one, friend, client, or colleague?

Consider giving a Mountain Life Health Food Store gift certificate! We offer gift certificates in any amount over $10.00.

Your gift can be used for supplements, beverages, foods, personal care products, essential oils, or anything we offer in the store!

For the person who is hard to shop for, this is a super solution that allows the individual to choose what suits him or her best.

We can mail or ship gifts or gift certificates!